Light Up Your Life

Do you want to feel good, relieve stress, lose weight, and have better health?

Would you like to live your life healthy and happy without struggle?

Do you want to know how to make money, how to start a business, or how to grow your wealth?

Our Creator made us in His image, so that we may be on this earth to create and to love life. If you are disappointed, frustrated, stressed-out, unhappy, or do not feel good, your work (creations) and your life and health will suffer. Then, you continue to feel bad. When you feel bad, things seem to stay bad or get worse. Would you like to turn this around so that you will create and live the way you were made to?

From Chaos and Stress to More Energy and Joy

“My work environment was chaotic due to many factors. I felt like I was trying to move a mountain. I kept applying classic ‘book’ approaches to get the desired results. My Coach and I tackled the challenges differently. My Coach explained highly effective approaches and techniques. Through her patience and guidance over a couple of months, I learned how to effectively apply these approaches. Had I read them in a book, I’m sure the results would not have been so significant. My Coach did not judge me. She accepted me for who I am and gave me tools on how to approach challenging business events and difficult personal situations. Significant work results happened in my job! I found I am more renewed and refreshed in my personal relationships! And, I have more energy and joy every day! This coaching experience has been invaluable.” – Susan G.

If you are ready to learn how to feel good or feel better, minimize ‘lifestyle’ disease risks, manage stress, lose weight, be happy, create like you want, and enjoy living your life, then let us help you change your life forever. Join the Healthy Lifers Club or a Coaching Program to light up your life today!

 From Couch Potato to Sprint Triathlete

“In 2008, Lisa [Lisa Thomas, Healthy Lifers Head Coach] started coaching me. She gave me the information and methods I needed to learn in order to lose weight the healthy way. She helped me to develop written goals that were easy to follow and attainable. She provided me with encouragement when I hit ‘plateaus’. The results were dramatic. In less than 2 years, I lost 90 lbs, I took 13 inches off my waistline, and my doctor took me off of meds I no longer needed. In April of 2010, I completed my first sprint triathlon at the age of 62. Because of my new lifestyle, I feel younger, look better, and expect to see my little grandchildren grow up and get married. I highly recommend Lisa. I could not have accomplished this without her help.” – Paul D.

From Debt and Despair to Profits and Confidence

“When I started working with my Coach, my business was not doing well. After a few months of learning and practicing the techniques she taught me, my debts were paid off, I had $10,000 in my bank account, and my sales continued to grow. Most of these things are not taught in school. If you want to make more money and feel good while doing it, hire a Coach from Health Lighthouse.” – Jeff C., Plumbing Business Owner

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